Jack on his farm

Born and raised in on a farm in middle Tennessee, Jack McCall will readily admit that he has lived a blessed and storied life.

As the second son in a family of five children, his early life was marked by grandparents and other family and friends who invested their time and attention in him, and the love and confidence that grew from that investment continue to influence him each day. He was particularly close to his maternal grandfather, Will Herod Brim, and credits Mr. Brim’s love of showing Jack off as a key to his successful speaking career.

When he was 17, Jack began teaching the adult Sunday school class at a “big”, little country church. After a few weeks parishioners of all ages were sitting in on his class. Realizing the diversity of his audiences, it was there he first began perfecting his storytelling craft.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Jack began speaking in agricultural meetings, being paid in paperweights and good meals. While in the subsequent years, Jack worked in as a disc jockey, livestock marketer, licensed auctioneer, banker, financial services professional, and healthcare executive, he eventually came back to his first love, speaking encouragement and inspiration into others. He has never looked back.

He has been married to Kathy for 40 years, and they are the proud parents of three adult sons. His favorite audience is his seven grandchildren.

And he still teaches Sunday school.