Jack has a variety of topics and presentations he can tailor or create for any audience, but these are his most requested programs.

Bringing Out the Best in People

It remains one of life’s greatest opportunities, and, at the same time, one of life’s greatest challenges – how to Bring Out the Best in People. It eludes corporations, small businesses, universities, churches and, even, families. The keys to doing so, are amazingly simple, yet profound. In this presentation, Jack shares captivating stories and timeless principles for helping your team members be their best.

Rekindling the Fire When You Are Down to a Pilot Light

Sparking the imagination, Jack shares a series of entertaining and heart-warming stories designed to rediscover our truest sources of motivation and recharge our batteries. This dynamic session addresses what to do when the challenges and demands of a fast-paced life style and work environment leaves us burnt out.

Life : The Great Balancing Act

As the pace of life quickens, keeping everything in balance and in perspective becomes one of our greatest challenges. A lack of balance affects our capacity to enjoy all aspects of life and keeps us being fully engaged and effective. In this humorous presentation Jack explores the critical areas of our lives: work, play, love and worship; and how each is directly linked to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

The Challenge of Change

What skills are required to thrive in today’s environment of accelerated change? Jack lays out a plan for developing life strategies, firm foundations, support networks, strong relationships and a commitment to combine renewed flexibility with elastic imaginations in this challenging but rewarding presentation